Political Reform

The richest people and corporations get more influence than the people of this Great City! Candidates must spend massive amounts of time & resources to court the richest donors in San Diego, which means they are beholden to those interests. Richest donors pick & choose the issues our representatives will focus on. 

My campaign is based on listening to all people in our city - not just voters, and not just citizens but all of our neighbors. I pledge to fight for the rights of all of us – not just the powerful and well connected. I believe that politics and education are strongly linked. It is direct action that San Diego needs; educating the people on what is happening in our communities and taking action for the people! 

I support Neighborhoods for Clean Elections, and their proposal for voluntary public financing for city elections. Nationally, I support universal public funding of elections, election day as a national holiday, automatic voter registration for every citizen above the age of 18, and comparable reforms. Governments have a responsibility to make it as easy as possible to vote, and ensure that anyone who is qualified can run for office, not just those who are independently wealthy or have the support of rich donors. It is the only way to ensure a truly fair government of the people, for the people, and by the people.