Small Business

Today's Small Business requires support from government that they aren't currently receiving. Too many of today's options support the 1%. Those big corporations will certainly come before the needs of our District 7 small business owners. 

It is imperative that my support, connections and tireless work with Small Business Owners is heard in this election, because small business is the largest growing percentage representing the 99%. It is small business that needs our support to stay open, thriving and growing. For Example, take my plan for a "Small Business Hotline".

By establishing a "Small Business Hotline"  the business owners can get any questions answered and directed as needed. This hotline would allow a smooth, streamlined transfer to the correct City department for any question or issue they are facing with any area of our government. Instead of having to call through each department of the city, this design keeps business owners focused on their business instead of wasting time. Our campaign is proud to be at the forefront of creating this idea which represents all of our business owners not just the ones with political clout and backdoor channels. 

My goals are to ensure small business's are here and have the best protection and opportunities available to grow their business. I am a small business owner, a consultant for other entrepreneurs and understand those we need to protect.

By continuing to have a growing and strong District 7, we can bring balance and favor to our community. Ensure that business values and assets increase, and in turn home values and market desire continues to increase for homeowners. 

 My love of the Small Business Community and their needs runs deep.