Urban Parkland

We need to strive for multi-use communities where we can live, work, and play. We should focus on increasing urban revitalization and increasing density, not sprawl. I will propone a permanent moratorium on industrial, residential, and commercial development of Mission Trails Regional Park.

This will protect an important area for public recreation and enjoyment, while also providing significant environmental benefits to local ecosystems, and building resiliency to the effects of climate change. I also want to protect our canyon lands, which provide valuable outdoor recreation opportunities, habitat for endangered species, and an area of peace, quiet, and beauty in our city.

Community parks and natural areas such as Mission Trails Regional Park are an incredibly valuable part of our city. Open spaces bring many benefits, such as increased community, benefits to mental health, wildlife habitat, water preservation, and wildfire resiliency. I support the Sierra Club’s proposal to set aside 1% of existing county taxes to acquire and maintain parklands, open space, and recreational lands for the enjoyment of San Diego County residents. This proposal would result in direct community benefits but will not cost the taxpayer anything because it is not a new tax.